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Alpha Black Tactical Edition

The Alpha Black Tactical Edition model paint marker systems present the visual impact of current M16 US Military issued service rifle.

All models are CO2 powered and are built on .68 caliber paintball marker platform with additional components that meet the visual requirements of the objective force.

The Alpha Black is equipped with a collapsible M16 style telescopic rear stock with 6 adjustable positions.

Alpha Black Standard Issue:

  • 11″ Quick thread anodized barrel
  • M16 Style shroud w/built in sight
  • M16 Style collapsible stock
  • Semi-automatic, .68 caliber
  • Magazine with built in storage

Maintenance Pack Includes:

  • Allen wrench set
  • Spare tank o-ring
  • Marker lubricant
  • Cleaning cable and barrel sleeve

*Alpha Black is also available with a camo finish option.


  • .68 Cal. Standard Paintball
  • .68 Cal. Hard Rubber Ball (Riot Control)
  • .68 Cal. Pepperball

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