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H2000-C Howitzer

A paint marker system resembling a military crew served Howitzer, similar in visual impact to the 105mm towed Howitzer complete with folding legs (transport tongue opens to a “land anchor” position for launching) and installed wheels capable of supporting on and off road travel. The Howitzer cannon device is a 62mm smooth bore, breech loading (with a spring assisted breach counter), gas/CO2 operated, manually fired, high angle-of-fire training device. The device propels a 20 oz. marker round with a 4 round/minute firing cycle rate, with an effective range of approximately 700 yards, providing a +70 foot in diameter “kill zone’ while employing a maximum operating pressure of 250 psi. Storage boxes for extraneous items will be provided on-board the marker carriage. The Howitzer system consists of a cannon barrel assembly, mounting pedestal with mechanical traverse systems, and a 2-wheel, pull-behind, trailer-type firing platform with spreadable land anchors.

The cannon assembly consists of the barrel, CO2 expansion chamber, breech door assembly and barrel to pedestal mounting brackets. The pedestal consists of the cannon support system, gear or lever driven elevation assembly, traverse system and locking breech door assembly.

The firing platform consists of steel, C-channel, 2-wheel, trailer type framework with expanded metal deck. The trailer tongue has a dual-purpose design allowing stabilized positioning through the use of a spreadable land anchor configuration.

The Howitzer marker device presents a shipping weight of approximately 400 lbs., and is painted with OD non-reflective paint.

The ammunition for the Howitzer marker system consists of 20 oz. of liquid fill contained in a latex surgical tubing bladder encased in a cardboard and urethane cast shell casing.
The round is impact-detonated causing simulated casualties through fragmentation effects.

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