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The AT4-S (AT-4 Simulation) is a Training Aid device presenting the visual impact of a current issue US AT-4 RPG Launcher. The AT4-S is a 47mm, smoothbore, breech loading, CO2/Gas powered, manually fed, device.

NOTE: All original AT-4 control systems (retractable shoulder mount, device cocking lever, safety unlock, triggering/firing mechanisms, and sighting devices) are intact and function as per original AT-4 firing procedures and operating protocol.

The shoulder mounted AT4-S device propels a 6oz. Fragmentation projectile up to 100+ yards. The AT4-S maintains a minimal drop from horizontal trajectory, and provides for a 10+ foot diameter down range effected/marked acquisition, while employing a maximum operating pressure of 250psi.

The AT4-S’s interior components are constructed of all steel & aluminum and consists of a cannon and receiver assembly, expansion chamber assembly, micro-gas valve system assembly, and control systems assemblies.

Loading the AT4-S launcher is completed through the use of a 1/4 turn snap pin locking cannon assembly.
The AT4-S uses a single round chambering process by way of a counterclockwise 1/4 turn rotating cannon/barrel assembly which allows the cannon to be removed from the receiver. To re-seat the cannon into the receiver after chambering a round at the breach end of the cannon/barrel, simply reinsert the cannon into the receiver assembly and rotate the cannon clockwise 1/4 turn.

Ammunition for the model AT4-S shoulder mounted launch system consists of liquid marking paint, or other liquid fills as per specifications of operational task objectives.
Liquid fills are contained in a thin walled bladder, encased in a destructible (Soldier Safe) papier-mâché shell casing. Rounds are impact detonated causing casualties through direct fragmentation effect.

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