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Tippmann Ordnance offers a vast array of production and design services, most of which are handled on-site within our own facility.  With a four generation heritage in manufacturing and engineering, Tippmann Ordnance provides expertise in:

  • New Product Design / Development
    Tippmann Ordnance is constantly developing and testing our own ideas to provide high quality simulation and training devices to our war fighters.  We’re also perfectly equipped and experienced in developing new devices with / for all branches of military.
  • Product Redesign / Modification
    It’s certainly common for older simulation and training devices to require modification to meet new standards and procedures, or simply need redesigned to meet the current needs of modern day war.  Tippmann Ordnance offers extensive redesign capabilities aimed at improving existing equipment and equipment designs.
  • Manufacturing
    Our devices are not only designed in house, but our manufacturing and assembly work is also done under the same roof.  Tippmann Ordnance also offers manufacturing and assembly work  on a contract basis for devices engineered and designed by outside firms.

Under the management of The Tippmann Affiliated Group, Tippmann Ordnance sister companies further expand our capabilities to machine, package and deliver goods that would otherwise be outsourced to an outside vendor.  This unique advantage allows for greater design flexibility, faster lead times and a higher level of quality assurance.

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